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Stripe for VirtueMart & Joomla!


Stripe for VirtueMart 2 & 3 / Joomla 2.5 & 3.x

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Configuration v2.2.0 a close up


Instructions and first set-up

  1. Install the Stripe plugin for VirtueMart like any Joomla extension
  2. Enable it in Joomla plugin manager
  3. Go to VirtueMart > Payment methods
  4. Click New and select VM - Payment, Stripe
  5. Name it like "Credit Card or Debit Card via Stripe secure server" and Save to enable the configuration tab
  6. In the Configuration tab, add your Stripe settings and Save
    Please note both Stripe Test Secret Key and Stripe Test Publishable Key are required to test a transaction. It will failed otherwise.
  7. Publish the Payment Method and Save & Close


Here is an overview of the available Configuration settings. All descriptions are available in the tooltips of the options.

Plugin Information

Download ID For Automatic Updates  
The Download ID is generated with your subscription with Puma-IT.
You can retrieve it from the confirmation email and on the My Subscriptions page at
If you bought your plugin through the VirtueMart Extensions Directory (VMED) please contact us to get your Download ID.


Stripe Payment Mode Test
Stripe Test Parameters Stripe Test Secret Key
Stripe Test Publishable Key
Stripe Live Parameters Stripe Live Secret Key
Stripe Live Publishable Key


Configuration v2.2.0 b thumb

Stripe Account Settings

This section defines how your account will behave.

3D Secure support
Since v2.2.0
3D Secure provides a layer of protection against fraudulent payments that is supported by most card issuers. Unlike regular card payments, 3D Secure requires cardholders to complete an additional verification step with the issuer. Users are covered by a liability shift against fraudulent payments that have been authenticated with 3D Secure as the card issuer assumes full responsibility.
Disabled 3D Secure is disable and transactions are processed like regular card payments, ignoring 3D Secure options.
Enabled (only when 3DS Required) 3D Secure is enabled only when it is required by the card issuer. If 3D Secure is optional for a card, transactions are
processed like regular card payments.
Requested (when 3DS Optional) 3D Secure is enabled when it is required AND optional by the card issuer.

Here is a checkout example with a default template (frontend):

Checkout example Animated GIF

SSL/TLS and Stripe

This information is taken from help section. Please read it carefully here

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are mechanisms for safely transmitting data.

Do I need to use SSL/TLS on my payment pages?

Yes, for a couple of reasons:

  • It's more secure. In particular, it significantly reduces your risk of being exposed to a man-in-the-middle attack.
  • Users correctly feel more comfortable sharing their payment information on pages visibly served over HTTPS. Your conversion rate is likely to be higher if your pages are served over SSL/TLS, too.

What if I don't want to set up SSL/TLS yet?

  • You can test your page--but not live transactions--before installing your SSL/TLS certificate. You don't need to enable HTTPS until you're ready to go live.
  • To test live transactions without your own SSL/TLS certificate, you could host your site with a provider that provides a secure subdomain.

For more details, please logon to


Stripe will provide you with an easy test setup before going live. For your convenience, there is an option to display some card Test numbers within the payment form:
Stripe settings: Option to display some card Test numbers within the payment form

For more testing, here are some test cards to simulate transactions:

Stripe Email Receipts

This is NOT the confirmation email sent by VirtueMart, but a Payment receipt email, sent by
Receipts will NOT be sent for test mode charges.

The setting to enable this option

The email address used is the Billing Address email (BT). The receipt will not be sent until the charge is paid.

If this option is enabled for a charge in live mode, a receipt will be sent regardless of your email settings in Stripe Dashboard:

A sample receipt, customisable in Stripe Dashboard

Customise your email receipts

For more details, please check the documentation

Logo for Payment (Cards and Stripe)

There an option in the plugin parameters to select an image to be displayed with the payment name:
VirtueMart > Payment methods > [Stripe method name] > Configuration > Logos

Here you can select the images that are in the folder images/stories/virtuemart/payment.

For you convenience, here are few images that you can freely download and use for your website:mc visa amex disco stripe dark solid
mc visa amex disco
mc visa amex stripe dark solid
mc visa amex

You can also find more Stripe images on the official Stripe graphical resources.
For more information about this feature, please read the VirtueMart documentation.


Please read our page Troubleshooting Stripe for VirtueMart & Joomla!.

Support Hours

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 09:30 – 17:30 Irish Time (GMT). More about time zone.
The ticket system is closed on weekends and outsides these days: you can neither file new tickets or reply to existing ones.

The Joomla! ® name is used under a limited license from Open Source Matters in the United States and other countries. Puma-IT is not affiliated with or endorsed by Open Source Matters or the Joomla! Project.

Reviews for Stripe for VirtueMart

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Excellent - 200 out of 100 if I could :) Herve helped with any queries super quickly


We didn't need to use it - the online help was perfect

Value for money

Excellent value, great extension for our needs

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Owner's reply: Thanks a million David! I am very grateful for your appreciation!
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It works good and easy with OPC.

Ease of use

Very easy to install.


I had a problem and it was solved fast.



Value for money


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Works perfectly.

Ease of use

Very easy to use.


Great support! There were some issues with the template we are using, but Hervé was very helpful and competent to find a solution!

Value for money

Absolutely worth the money.

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Functioned perfectly

Ease of use

Easy to use.


Excellent support. Herve installed. Worked perfectly the first time.


Easy to understand

Value for money

Worth more... great value.

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This plugin is great! At first I couldn't get it to work with my install of joomla and virtuemart--but the great tech support from Puma-it (Herve) did real right by me, helping me to quickly resolve the problem and get this up and working on my site. Thanks Herve for your great Code and keep up the great work!

Owner's reply: Thank you Sethtc for sharing your review on my plugin and support services! That is the first review, so I feel very proud. Serving our customers as best as we can is rewarding, I know it!